Birch group: the children were very excited to have their first Forest Adventures at Basildon Park. They enjoyed their first ride in the minibus too, chatting about all they could see out of the window. Although it was muddy, it stayed dry and the sun made an appearance. The children enjoyed looking for bugs and climbing a large fallen down tree. By the end of the morning we were all making bows and arrows and fishing rods with sticks and wool.

Oak group: The weather was beautiful and the children were excited to explore Pike Shaw again. Nathan made a bird nest using twigs and leaves and placed it on a tree with the help of an adult. Some children built a den and Madeline found a huge branch for the roof. Ronan and Erika completed their shade of green colour hunt. They collected natural green materials and made a bookmark out of it. Sara and Natalia explored the woods and found some hiding places. Teyah managed to camouflage herself by using mud over her face!