Oak Group
For forest school this week we went to a different site at Basildon Park. The children were very excited and had a fabulous time exploring the new area. Climbing on the climbing tree was very popular and a small group set it up as a hotel for others to visit. Madeline and Tanisha organised a camp and even hung up a washing line for their friends to hang up their coats. Tamsin and Erika used the tarpaulin to make their own shelter by attaching it to branches and finding wooden pegs to secure it into the ground. Samuel had fun and showed great patience and determination using square lashing to fix two sticks together. The children have asked to revisit the area next week to continue with their games and exploration.

Elm Group
This week some of the children made wands and leaf crowns to complement their game of Rainbow Fairies they were playing last week. Gracie and Somaya set about making another den with lots of hammering. This inspired a whole group of children to make dens and act out the story of the three little pigs, with Mrs Pickering being cast as the big bad wolf! Evie suggested that we start our session with a song, we made up our own song about Forest School to the tune of "Here we go round the Mulberry Bush!"

Beech Group
Today we noticed the Autumn signs in the field. Five Reception children joined the group. Leo said: “Autumn leaves are falling down.” Aieyan said: “they are dying.” Alice found a two toned leaf on the tree. We talked about another Autumn sign - the leaves are changing colours. Olly spotted a horse chestnut tree and he talked about the conkers as he had one in his pocket. Alice and Natalia were jumping in the muddy puddles. The rest of the group soon followed. So much fun! Ayden spotted some cobwebs on the fence and then he and Maegan decided to build a den for the insects. Alice and Oscar were catching daddy long legs.  Oscar and Olly found some mushrooms; they knew not to touch them because they are poisonous.