Birch Group: We’ve had our first visit to Pikeshaw wood this week. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all, children and adults! The sun shone too. Iona started creating a birds’ nesting perch and table which included a little hideaway for the bird food. Evans and Cypher developed the idea by making a den as a hideout to watch the birds. Other members of the group became competitive and made their own hideout. Louie and Brayden were happy to drag and carry fallen branches. Connor enjoyed digging with sticks whilst Lucas and Tyler enjoyed climbing trees. There was great teamwork from all the children.

Ash Group: We had a lovely afternoon at Pikeshaw Woods. Evie, Jasmine and Elyssa made an amazing circus ring complete with leaf flag and fern safety net. Dylan, Nacho, Ruby and Callum played a running game together. Frankie showed great balance on a fallen log. Freddie showed us round his a woodland museum with various interesting ‘artefacts’! We named many woodland plants and talked about the new spring growth.

Oak Group
: see Owl Class report in Friday Bulletin

Reminder – next week, it will be the turn of Elm and Beech groups to go on their Forest Adventures. Elm will go on Wednesday morning and Beech will go on Thursday afternoon.