Oak group had a fantastic day out in the woods at Basildon Park and the weather could not have been better. They all worked as a team to help gather the necessary sticks and logs for the camp fire and were exemplary with their behaviour around the fire pit. They listened well to the instructions and strict rules and took great care of themselves and each other. Many were keen to help with the food preparation and they all ate with great appetite! Much can be said for fresh air making us feel hungry! As the children eagerly watched their food cook they sang songs around the camp fire and shared stories. There was a lovely, relaxed atmosphere.

In the afternoon we went back to our usual site and the children were keen to develop their own activities. Charlie took great pride in showing me his secret bug camp which was alive with a rich variety of creepy crawlies. Dan, Toby and Freddie worked together to make a fabulous den with a leaf bed. Their building skills have developed so much and they were enthralled with the final construction and took several visitors on a guided tour. Teyah, Reuben and Tanisha enjoyed using Heidi's hammers and nails to make a number of different wooden objects. Cameron was keen to try and learn square lashing and showed great determination in mastering the skill. The rest of the group all became involved in an imaginative game that required setting up different base camps with secret codes, keeping a look out, chasing each other and climbing trees. Much fun and spontaneity was had by all, adults included, and everyone really appreciated having the whole day outdoors.