Ash Group
Ash group had a fun, yet wet first afternoon at Basildon Park. We looked at boundaries of the site and discussed looking out for each other and ensuring everyone has a “chum” to play with. Rosemary and Isabella were very creative decorating a tree. There was also a fun game involving wolves going on. We are keeping our fingers crossed for a dry session next week so we can use the climbing tree!

Birch Group
The children in Birch group were very excited to go to forest adventures so they got dressed very quickly and sensibly. We walked to the school field and looked for something shiny, smooth and rough. We could find lots of natural objects on the way: Kira found wet leaves and grass - very shiny and a conker shell. Brayden said 'It is very spiky.' Cypher found rough twigs and Louis felt the Birch tree trunk: 'This is very rough!' All children enjoyed climbing trees, Ethan tried and tried, didn't give up and managed to get on the tree eventually. We found some berries and talked about how they are poisonous and we mustn't pick them.  We also talked about boundaries and rules in the woods. We all enjoyed our free play and chasing Mr Tindell. On the way back to school we had fun jumping in the muddy puddles and running through the wet grass. Thank you to Mr Tindell and Mrs Cole for coming with us and helping.