Elm Group: This was the first week of Forest School at Basildon Park for Elm Group. The children all got themselves ready very quickly and were excellent listeners as we went over the Forest School rules.

At Basildon we explored our boundaries and then went off to explore independently.  Most children had fun climbing on the trees/den building and some just enjoyed having the freedom to run around in the woods.  We did some bug hunting and ate a snack.  We shared our thoughts at the end and Callum summed it up by saying "I liked everything!”

Woodland Star is Jaime for his constant smiling face.

Ash group:
The children in Ash group were very excited to be going off to Forest school this week. They spoke about what they were looking forward to doing whilst on the journey there and as soon as we arrived and re-familiarised ourselves with the site and our boundaries they were off exploring and interacting with each other. As a group they took care of our two new members and included them in their activities. Some children set about digging for treasure and minibeasts. Others wanted to make animal shelters and helped each other to find the right sort of logs and branches. It was interesting to see just how much they had remembered about shelter building from their previous visits to Basildon park. Ryan enjoyed making a water feature and watching as he could see the water overflowing and creating a waterfall from a hollow log. When it was time to leave the children all commented on how happy they felt and what a good time they had had. They even started to plan their activities for next week…making mud sculptures being one of them!!