Beech: It was the last forest school trip for Beech group today and we finished it off by spending time in another part of Basildon Park. It is area that Granville (one of Basildon Park’s groundsmen) has created especially for us with log piles, willow wigwams finished and unfinished for the children to develop themselves. There’s also a superb tree for climbing and two huge tree trunks laid over a dip to encourage balancing.

We were also honoured to be the first group to use a picnic bench that he had had built from tree trunks specifically with us in mind. We are very lucky to be able to enjoy these surroundings locally.

Elm: I think the children thought they were in the rainforest today! Gracie made a low hanging tree branch into her jeep and spotted a jaguar! In groups many of the children had a go at building Yano’s.  Callum took us on a guided tour of the “rainforest“ - he could name all the different layers and told us about the animals that live there. We started off the session with a memory game each child had a piece of pasta which they had to hide in the forest. At the end of the session they had to see if they could find it again!

Ash: An enjoyable afternoon was spent at Basildon Park. Everyone was engaged in their own learning ranging from a dance/drama around the animals of the rainforest to selling oysters & clams from the wigwam.