Oak Group
Forest school was great fun and the class really joined together to set up a group imaginative game. Most of the children joined in and much laughter could be heard as they chased each other, hid from one another and set each other challenges. Tanisha, Madeline and Ellie continued working on their home - they found a broom shaped branch and started to use it for cleaning, they made smelling pots and bird feeders. They were delighted to find a woolly caterpillar as a visitor. Tamsin made the most interesting journey stick and looked carefully for interesting finds to attach to it. Nathan worked hard on having a go at square lashing to make a frame, which he intends to use as a weaving frame.  Just as we were about to leave the wind picked up slightly and the children rushed about trying to catch falling leaves and make wishes. Teyah could not believe her luck when one just landed in her hand! Let’s hope their wishes come true.

Elm Group
This week we decided to visit a different area of Basildon Park to see if we could find Eeyore who seems to have gone missing! The children looked for clues as to where he had gone using magnifying glasses. Existing dens were explored and added to and once again they enjoyed acting out the story of the Three Little Pigs. The balancing logs were popular for both balancing on and "flying" from. When we were all very quiet we could hear the woodpecker looking for bugs in the tree! More verses to our Forest school song were created. The children have voted to go back to this area again next week.

Beech Group
Today we walked to the Pikeshaw woods. It was a bit chilly but we enjoyed the Autumn walk.

We marked out our boundaries with red string and reinforced 'Sticky toes' command. We explored Autumn signs a bit further, we collected some fallen leaves, sticks and stones. We created an autumn picture out of these. After that Ayden made a den for animals that come out at night and Natalya helped him. Maegan played with a little spider that was crawling on her fingers. Alice spotted some sycamore leaves, she said: 'This is a helicopter!" It was lovely being outside in the fresh Autumn breeze.