This week, Ash Group went to the meadow by the river Thames. The cows also joined us for the morning! The children worked really hard making boats from natural materials, that they sailed on the river. Ruby was constantly adjusting her boat design so it sailed the right way up!! Jack soon discovered that it was best to tie his on a string when his sailed away! Luckily a very kind canoeist brought it back to him. Jamie and Will enjoyed making fishing rods and catching fish for our tea! It was a great morning and really nice to experience the outside world in a different venue.

In the afternoon we again made the most of the glorious weather by visiting the allotments.  Here children helped fill up a large paddling pool and made boats using a variety of materials. There were some wonderful ideas and an awful lot of trial and error when boats sank!  We met Mrs Webb and she showed the children her allotment.  We also met her dog, Candy.  Most children had a turn paddling their feet to cool down and we all shared what we had enjoyed. All of the children listened well and were sensible and many of them worked well with partners to solve problems.  A special "well done" goes to Tyreese as he overcame his fear by stroking Candy the dog and so he gains the woodland star award this week.


Thank you to all the staff and children for so much fun; may the sunshine continue :-) Heidi