Elm Group: The weather was beautiful for our first trip to Forest School this term. The children had a fantastic morning all engaged in a wide variety of independent activities. Hayden spent the whole morning building a shelter. Emily made an amazing circus from sticks and wool and used fern for the roof! Anya together with Niamh, Lizzie and Gracie used the canopy to build a shelter and used their problem solving skills to work out how to make the roof higher so they could stand in it easily. The children enjoyed a mug of hot chocolate half way through the morning and enjoyed sharing what they had been doing.

Beech Group: Another sunny day for our Forest School adventures! We familiarised ourselves with the site and set boundaries for the children to explore. We practised coming back to the base using sticky toes. Alice made a circus. Oscar, Olly and Jacob jumped over a log and then balanced on it like a tightrope walker in a circus. Ayden, Lola, Jaihden and Ethan built dens with sticks and dry wood. Oscar looked for creatures and found a ladybird. Grace found a slug and spent a long time observing it. Leo and Aieyan climbed the trees.