This week we once again spent the whole school day at Basildon Park. Luckily the trees provided us with good shelter from the off and on rain. The group had been practising fire safety with Mrs. King this week and this paid off as we had excellent behaviour :-) The children helped collect snappy sticks to start the fire and many were fascinated by it, watching, smelling it and talking about it as they sat on their logs!  We also collected larger sticks as it started to grow into a bigger fire. Mrs. King had a team of helpers in her kitchen area organising the food preparation. Mrs Jones went bug hunting and found some very interesting creatures. A good lunch was consumed by all, the most popular was definitely the marsh mallows at the end!! We spent a little time at our original forest school site at the end of our session.  Some of us were worn out and sat listening to a story about a pet caterpillar. We returned to school exhausted, smelly and rather grubby but extremely happy :-)

Woodland Star is Callum for his wonderful enthusiasm and music (he used a stick to make lovely sounds in the air).

p.s. if you have your own waterproof trousers please bring them for forest school.