Ash group had a lovely afternoon at Forest School. The children were really looking forward to the session and excitedly planned their activities and games whilst on the journey there. Once in the woodland they quickly settled to different  things. Some sat patiently and started bird watching, "Come and join us, but you must be quiet..... Listen!"

A small group perfected the art of tree climbing and as they did, tried to shake the Autumn leaves off the branches, "Catch a leaf and make a wish. Only a penny a go!"
Others were keen to carry on building dens and explore new ways of making a sturdy shelter for a woodland animal.
One member went straight back to the den he had started last week to get it completely finished. He showed great determination as he worked and when the session drew to an end he proudly looked at his den saying "I'm the only one who really stuck at it"  The other children had to agree and all admired his den building skills.