The sun was shining for us this week and the climbing tree was a big hit! It looked like it had army of ants crawling over it! Well done to Isabella for having the courage to climb up the tree. It was her first time exploring the trees. She was led safely down by Ruby who gave her step by step instruction on where to put her hands and feet.  Thank you Ruby!

Jamie and friends spent the afternoon bug hunting and found an amazing millipede and lots of worms! We have a budding photographer in the group, Callum photographed all the different species of fungus he could find and also captured some moments of the children having lots of fun!

irch Group have had a lovely afternoon down at the field. The rain stayed away and the sun was shining! The children climbed trees, compared leaves in size, shape and colour. They collected all sort of different sticks and bound them with wool. They all enjoyed being in the fresh air! We reinforced the importance of listening at Forest School to keep everyone safe. Thank you for all our amazing parent volunteers who came along to help. Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to giving this opportunity to all our younger children.