Elm Group: This week we had a change of venue and visited Pike Shaw woods.  The group were excellent at getting ready and listening to the grown ups.  We all walked carefully and sensibly up to the woods, talking about things we saw on the way.  Once in the woods we carried out a safety check and marked out our boundary.  All of the children respected the space they were given and explored happily and confidently.  Some children climbed trees, some looked for bugs.  Some children drew what they had seen and Jack wrote several sentences about his time in the woods.  A small group (led by Poppy) found a "badger hole" and talked about the badger that may live inside.  They even gave it a piece of carrot and a little blanket!  We used a mallet/small log to hammer wooden sticks into the earth and talked about elder - wood that has a soft middle that can be pushed out.  Special well done to Alice for her first time with us during Forest School (we now have 3 girls in this group who have purple water proof trousers!).  Congratulations to Hayden for being woodland Star.  He was kind and patient and shared resources without being asked :-)

Ash group: Ash group had a lovely session down on the field this week and were delighted to meet up close with the local cows and feed them some grass. The atmosphere was really peaceful with the children listening out for birds as they bird watched and went on  minibeast hunts. They were amazed at how many tiny creatures they could actually find when they looked closely. Some became quite competitive as to who was the best bug hunter!  Other children chose to just sit in the sun and make "journey sticks" - tying their treasures to a stick using different wools and twine. They demonstrated much perseverance with attaching and tying knots and I was impressed at how much they supported each other with the task.