Oak Group
Despite being very wet the class enjoyed their trip out to Basildon Park. The first thing that many of them set out to do was to put up a temporary shelter using the tarpaulin. They worked amazingly well as a team, sharing ideas and cooperating with each other. Much problem solving was to be seen and the finished shelter accommodated us all for a well-deserved snack and some camp singing. Teyah thoughtfully put up a washing line to help dry out the soaked gloves and a small group organised a ticket system for entry into the shelter. We left slightly earlier than usual but the camaraderie within the group was lovely to see.

Elm Group
The weather was not so good for us this week but we still had lots of fun! A shelter was constructed from a tarpaulin and rope to keep us dry. Alice found some logs to make chairs and spread a blanket out for people to sit on. Jaime and Ainhoa were heard laughing all afternoon at the climbing tree. Evie, Emily, Caitlin, Lola and Lizzie were inspired by a dream catcher that was shown in school and used flexible sticks, wool and leaves to make one for themselves. Let’s hope they are good at catching all the nasty dreams! Emily dropped off a letter to Granville to find out what has happened to Eeyore! I hope we get a reply soon.

Beech Group
Today we pretended to be 'nature detectives' and we went on a detective walk. We had a tick chart 'What have you spotted?' to follow and we looked for a variety of plants and creatures on the way to Pikeshaw and in the woods. Ayden and Oscar found a snail. Oscar suggested putting the snail in Ayden's den where he can live. Natalya spotted stinging nettle, it reminded her of time when she got stung on her leg a long time ago. We also looked at unusually shaped sticks and tried to think about what they remind us of. Maegan found a stick in a shape of letter 'p', Oscar letter 'r' Natalya letter 'i'. Hayden used his stick for moving things, a rake. We also used a magnifying glass to look at little creatures we found under the logs.