Beech Group: This week we visited Basildon Park for our Forest School session.  We practised our "Sticky feet" (to bring us all back together) and had a look around the woods to mark our boundaries.  Nearly everybody enjoyed a climb on the fallen tree, whilst some made dream catchers or fishing. rods using sticks and string. The weather was warm and everybody behaved wonderfully well.  At the end of our session we talked about what we had enjoyed :-)

Oak group: the group had a lovely first session at Basildon Park and the weather was definitely on our side. The children were so excited to be back and this was evident in the eagerness to get started on their games and activities. Some children remembered an imaginative game they had played together back in the Autumn term and started planning and organising the game once again. They made camps and got into teams ready to chase and spy on each other. Others were happy to discover hidden lookouts where they could watch the birds and try to identify them. A group of girls found some worms and that inspired them to set up a "worm cafe". They used Y shaped frames to make a shelter for the worms and hung dream catchers and leaves from the frame to keep the birds away from their visiting worm friends! The afternoon flew by and before we knew it, it was time to head back to school. They all commented on how much fun they had had and how they could not wait for next weeks session.