This week it was lovely to get back to Basildon Park for our Forest School session. The children in Oak group were really excited to be back and quickly got to work. A small group made fishing rods with sticks and wool and went fishing for different bugs in a hollow tree. Ellie organised a group to make a worm hotel and Joshua was the chief worm collector. The children were amazed at how long the worms stretched out as they moved and spent ages watching them wriggle along the ground. They explored using water and banging the ground to make the worms come to the surface. Teyah was delighted to discover a fox’s hole in the root of a tree. Once back in school the class have been keen to find non-fiction books in order to learn more about their habitat and their life.

Elm group had a great afternoon at Basildon Park. They found conkers, birds egg shells, and grapes growing in the car park. Many explored the dens and used them as a meeting point to have a chat with friends, whilst others revisited climbing the tree.

Beech Group went to the field and noticed how the change in season had affected their surroundings. They explored the area and had a chat about being safe when finding berries and mushrooms.