This week we went on an adventure at Basildon Park!  We walked from the car park to a new play area that has only recently been created.  We balanced on very big logs - Rosemary and Elizabeth were brave and kept trying until they could walk across with very little assistance :-) We built dens and enjoyed a drink and snack.  Leo thought it was such great fun to walk through swishy swashy long grass!  After a drink and snack we made our way back to our original forest school site.  Here we collected "snappy" sticks for our fire (a small contained one just for toasting marsh mallows this week). We sat together and chatted as we ate our lunch.  All of the children enjoyed approaching the fire (and eating the marsh mallows!) and so did Mrs Jones!  We had a big free play which involved a lot of climbing (by Grace) and some great imaginative games. 

Dylan, Iestyn, Frankie and Sienna played wonderfully together. Jasmine decorated a stick with pink wool.  Paige and Aieyan used the scissors and wool too, sharing the resources they were given.  We all sat together and shared our favourite parts of the day with several children wanting to see more of the Basildon Park woodlands so parents may get a few requests for another visit!  We also had cries of, "Can we do Forest School every day?" from some children, Frankie in particular!!  Woodland Star: Dylan for his bravery when he developed hay fever symptoms.