Following the hail storm early in the day, Ash group had a dry but rather chilli afternoon in the woods. A range of activities was happening with all children engaged and very motivated. A picture frame was constructed from four sticks that were lashed together. Rosemary put her face into it and said “I am like Katie jumping into the picture.” This frame was then developed further to become a weaving loom for weaving. This is now on display in the entrance hall if want to take a look.

Four boys were very involved in a game using dens as bases. They spotted another bush that would make a good den that was just outside of their set boundary. They showed how they have developed in taking responsibility by coming to ask if they could go and investigate it. We did this together and have now extended our boundary to include this area. Well done, Freddie, Nacho, Dylan and Jamie for being so trustworthy!

Birch group spent a sunny but cold afternoon down in the field. We spent time looking through the binoculars and magnifying glasses looking for mini-beasts and birds. Fantastic listening this week from everybody and Cypher’s dad was kept busy by helping the children make bows and arrows using sticks and wool.