Birch group: Beech group enjoyed their last Forest School Adventures at Basildon Park. We explored a different part of the woods which enabled us to build dens and climb trees. We had a great time and at our fruit in a wigwam made of sticks.

Oak group: At forest school this week we started by working in small teams to test out if we could camouflage ourselves, like the creatures have to do in the wild. The children had to decide between them who was going to be camouflaged, how they would be camouflaged and where they would go to be best hidden. All groups worked differently - some choosing to cover themselves with sticky leaves, ferns and small twigs, others completely covering one member with vegetation and another group thinking carefully about what colours they were wearing first, in order to select an appropriate camouflaged hiding place. The adults acted as judges and it was a very hard decision to make. The team work was lovely to see!    


The sessions will start again on 18th June with the new groups – Beech, Elm and Ash. A letter is in your child’s bookbag.