Elm Group: This week despite the chilly and very changeable weather we had a very enjoyable session at Basildon Park.  We had a chat about badgers and other woodland animals, learning some interesting facts! Nearly everybody chose to have a turn with the hammer and nails - some spent a long time and concentrated very well :-)  We also listened to a badger story and did the usual digging/exploring/den building.

Ash group: Ash group had another exciting session at Basildon Park. The group really helped each other out to solve problems and get jobs done. They moved logs together to be used for their dens and made certain that the structures were steady and safe. One small group added a cooking area to their camp and were proud of the fact that they even remembered to mark a boundary around the fire pit to protect their guests! Some children started to look at how to tie knots by square lashing and used that skill to fix their sticks in place. Others enjoyed using Heidi’s hammers, nails and screw drivers. They found the activity challenging, but showed real determination and perseverance.