Oak Group
Forest school this week was great fun. Some children made "journey sticks", attaching their many woodland treasures and memories to sticks with wool. They thought about the different sounds and creatures that they could see and hear and what colour wool would be the best to represent them. Samuel made a fantastic den, finding a secure place to wedge his structure into so that it would be safe. Tyreese was his helper and on completion said he felt "King of the jungle!" The whole group worked well together and there was a fantastic team spirit.

Elm Group
We were so lucky to have another glorious sunny September afternoon at Basildon Park. The children all engaged in a range of activities. A home was made for badger, complete with bed and fire. A lot of hammering and teamwork was going on making a den and many children have now worked out how to get down from the climbing tree on their own. Well done to you all!

Beech Group
On the way to the field, we noticed some flowers and berries. We talked about the importance of not touching the berries. We looked closely at dandelions and their seeds. It reminded us of little parachutes. Ryan suggested making a wish as we blew the parachutes in the air. We saw lots of daddy longlegs on the grass flying towards us…Mrs Fullbroolk screamed! We also talked about boundaries, rules and encouraged free discoveries. Leo, Ryan and Hayden enjoyed climbing the trees. Natalya made a fishing rod out of a stick and a string. She then sat down on a log and went fishing. Aieyan soon joined her.