Birch Group: We were very fortunate to have the best day of the year so far to enjoy our first Forest Adventure of 2014. We walked in the sunshine listening to the birdsong. The children had fun running and rolling in the grass to begin with. This was followed by a game of duck duck goose. We then went on to create things with sticks, twigs, leaves and wool. Evans and Kira kept busy making necklaces and bracelets. Iona and Nathan drew round leaves then decorated them. Tyler found a feather.

Oak Group: At Forest School we received a letter from the woodland animals asking for help to put on a circus show. Some children created performance areas where they could perform themselves and others made mini "Big Tops" for the woodland creatures to gather and perform. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and the children were delighted to be back in the woods. As we sat back and reflected on the session, drinking hot chocolate, several members of the group said "I can't wait for next week now, to carry on with my ideas" I think that over the following week we will see many of owl class planning what to add to their circus shows.

Ash Group: Ash group also went to Forest school this week. We walked up to Pikeshaw woods and were lucky with the weather as it was a beautiful sunny afternoon. The children all had fun exploring the woods and made amazing structures on the circus theme. Jasmine, Evie and Elyssa created a mini big top with a high wire, trapeze platform and soft floor for the circus ring. Dylan, Jamie and Nacho made juggling swords and worked out different ways of wrapping wool to make a handle. Rosemary was very interested in the woodland flowers and noticed the new spring growth.