This week was Ash group's turn to spend an whole day at Forest school. The weather was very kind to us, warm and dry but not too sunny! A new area of Basildon Park was explored, with large tree trunks across a ditch for walking and climbing on, a wigwam to play in and a mass of wonderful branches to make our own dens. A small fire was made for toasting marshmallows and making "smores"; these were very popular with all the children.

It was very evident this week how so many children have grown in confidence, many now confidently climbing trees and make dens with both branches and tarpaulins. Some of the children ate their lunch in their dens! The natural world is a wonderful tool for the imagination: Erika found a a little dome shaped flower and Sara described it as an umbrella for the fairies, Ryan made the branches of a tree into a hose pipe and squirted water at Mrs Jones! Ellie made a playground, with a swing and a slide, for the small animals of the forest.  Charlie  T and Samuel were intrigued with peeling the bark off of a newly felled tree and looking out for little bugs, Nathan thought the inside of the tree was "soft and white like an egg!". Shannon explored using sticks to make a frame to do some weaving. We finished our day with a visit to the laurel maze. It was a wonderful fun filled day and each and every one of the children were a superstar in one way or another !