Beech: The children had another enjoyable time at Basildon Park using the natural surroundings to extend their play and learning.

Elm: Yet again we were blessed with a beautiful afternoon at Basildon Park. I was beginning to think I had taken a wrong turning and landed in the Rainforest. The children climbed the trees and became howler monkeys making an enormous noise but keeping still and quiet when they spotted the eagles. Ainhoa and Gracie hung upside down from branches like a sloth and tried to understand why a sloth moved so slowly and how they can hang from trees for such a long time without falling, which they both found difficult after a few minutes! Creative skills were popular - some children made necklaces like the ones they had seen on the pictures of Rainforest tribes, fishing rods were very popular and Lola and Leo lashed sticks into a square to make a dream catcher.

Ash: The children had a lovely time at Basildon Park and didn't want to leave so soon. They were all very engaged on their self-initiated activities. These included climbing, making necklaces with leaves & adding extras to the existing dens.