This week we enjoyed wonderful warm sunshine for our Forest School adventures in Pike Shaw woods!

Both groups were set an Olympic challenge to collect items in the woods.  We then used these natural objects (and some not so natural - Shannon found a balloon!) to make a mobile.  The mobiles were hung up in the woods before the children took them home.  Toby made a very interesting "egg" by winding string around a pine cone.  Poppy was very good at making a shelter using logs she found and Tanisha created a large piece of natural art; proudly sharing it with her group. Callum and Reuben were very sensible listening to adults advice about using the wagon to play with in the woods and had a lot of fun!  William made a walkie talkie from his collection and Cameron was the chief scissor helper, cutting string and wool for everyone.

PLEASE CAN CHILDREN BRING/WEAR A LIGHT LONG SLEEVED TOP TO FOREST SCHOOL this will help keep them safe from brambles/nettles and the sun. Heidi