As this was our last woodland adventure for a while we really made the most of our time...the children enjoyed using the brooms and trowels to dig and sweep; some children re-visited the ball run with Mrs Fisher, many of us enjoyed playing games with Mr Adamski and two enthusiastic children joined Mrs Carr for a walk where they discovered bright red leaves.

Our personal highlights today were: Jessica using twigs as antlers to become a reindeer; Harry filling  his party cup with bright red leaves; Macie and Henry digging out the brick and using it as a treasure chest; Lukas finding and moving the best branches for his den; Ollie and Ciara playing imaginary games in the new den; Zayneb and Layla using wooden tools to make apple crumble from bark shavings; Belle improving her home area, making space for Henry to join her; Sienna and  Julia using a broom to make paths and clear areas for the new den; Mason selecting branches for his imaginary games and  Darcy finding  a stone that looked like half a potato! 

We also enjoyed having a break with hot chocolate and a cookie...Monday mornings won't be the same for a while but we look forward to beginning again after February half term. I also want to say a huge thank you to our helpers who have helped to make our woodland adventures such fun! Mrs Hodsdon