Spring was definitely in the air on Monday as we visited the Woodland after our winter break. We began by listening to all the birdsong and thinking about signs of Spring. Ella found pretty white flower blossom and then made a very cute rabbit using a pine cone and feathers. Brandon found a tree which had cones and flowers. He noticed that when the tree shook it looked like there was smoke - he noticed that it was the fine pollen from the flowers and he thought it was 'amazing'. We were lucky enough to have some new equipment, including blankets, tarpaulins, nets, spades and a new flask for our hot chocolate! Arlo used binoculars to study the trees; Jax made a brilliant den all by himself; Sydney and Lewis found a millipede; Annabelle, Amelia and Theo were glad to be back climbing their favourite tree; Ayman, Oscar, Arthur and Daniel had a little help from Miss Atkins to make a shelter and added their own pretend fire. A big thank you to Miss Atkins for coming with us -   this is her last week and we will miss her. Mrs Hodsdon