Hedgehog Class had an exciting first visit to the woods this week. Harry C explored ways of extending the ball run using sticks, while Jacob made stick bridges for the balls to race under. 

Phoebe and Cora persevered with balancing logs against a tree to create a den, which they decorated with soft moss. Rafa and Harry V practised being statues so that the dinosaur (Esme) couldn’t see them and eat them, and Freya recorded things of interest using the camera. 

Some children decided the logs were a boat in a sea of lava, and spent time jumping and hopping across them. Harry C, Freya and Phoebe decided that sticks would make good tools to make holes in damp wood, and Poppy, Zara and Margaux carefully cleared an area of loose logs so that nobody would trip on them and get hurt. Mrs Burton