Despite a chill in the air our morning in the woods was very sunny and pleasant. We discussed the beech trees around us and looked at how wide and tall they were. Some of us looked carefully at a felled tree to count the rings to see how old it was. Harry spent time making bark rubbings and Zayneb measured trees using her hands and then a measuring tape to sort them in size.

Because it is nearly November 5th, some of us made model bonfires: Layla, Henry, Julia and Zayneb made one using lots of dry leaves and twigs. Julia watched Zayneb practise her cartwheels and climb in a yew tree. Henry looked closely at a holly tree, noticing its bright green, spiky leaves. Belle enjoyed climbing in the trees, using a stick as rudder to steer her boat. Macie and Mason and several others made bows and arrows to use in their imaginary games.  Sienna, Layla and Darcy made treasure maps and used them to play a game involving balancing on the logs and exploring the area. Ollie, Jessica, Ciara, Lukas and Isaak loved the large shelter that Mr Adamski made so they could have an even better base camp for their games. Mrs Hodsdon