Our morning in the woods seemed to fly by this week. Harry C spent some time looking for circular patterns and found some on the trees and tree stumps. Cora and Phoebe To lay on the ground and observed how the sunlight tried to peep through the gaps in the leaves, and noticed the patterns made by the branches as they gazed upwards. Phoebe Ti watched a group of butterflies dancing in the sunlight, while Margaux and Harry V found an assortment of insects hiding in the shady areas. Rafa sensibly removed some long branches from an area where the children were climbing in case they got in the way, and Poppy found a variety of big and tiny feathers. Casey and Samuel lay on some thick branches and decided they were comfy enough to sleep on, while Esme, Poppy and Freya challenged themselves to stretch between two branches like gymnasts. Freya tried to start a fire by rubbing two sticks together. “They’re not getting warm. I need matches like Mrs Fakes uses at school” she decided. Mrs Burton