The rain didn't stop our fun in the woodland today! We huddled in the shelter listening to the rain beating on the tarpaulin. Sydney said it reminded her of fireworks and gunpowder so we sang the Firework rap that was created during work on the Gunpowder plot. 

When the skies cleared we set off. Oscar used a torch to go and search for gold and he found some! Ayman, Arthur and Daniel discovered a large crack in the tree. They used a torch to look inside and discovered that it contained either rotten wood or a piece of rock. Theodore used the ball run and noticed that it was even faster today - he thought it was because the rain water helped the ball to run faster. Annabelle and Amelia used the binoculars and knew that when you turn them the other way things are smaller! Lewis and Sydney dug in the soil and found some clay. Arlo and Brandon enjoyed climbing on some logs but sadly it was too slippery to climb in the trees. Ella, Lilly-May and Jax all made interesting objects from wood and wool. Lewis' wood and wool frisbee was very successful! 

Please note that next Monday is our last Woodland visit of the term. Please can you make sure your children have a waterproof coat, trousers and wellingtons - as we certainly needed them this week! Mrs Hodsdon