Luckily the winds had died down when we arrived at the woodland although we found lots of twigs and branches on the ground - lucky for us because we collected some to use in Creative Challenges this Friday! 

We enjoyed a game of Hide and Seek before choosing which activities to do. We were helped this week by trainee teachers Miss Penn and Miss McIlroy who came to find out how much fun we have at our Woodland Adventures.

Sydney, Lewis, Jax and Arlo used the spades to dig and found pieces of chalk in the sandy soil. They discussed how easy it was to dig in the soil this week because it had recently rained. Arthur, Daniel, Ayman, Theo and Oscar enjoyed playing an imaginary game which included a Sun God. 

Amelia-Mae and Annabelle had fun playing with the ball run. Lilly-May and Ella spent time making objects using twigs and wool and then had fun using wooden percussion instruments under a shelter, following a beat with some musical help from Miss Penn. We also took some dinosaurs with us to create footprints and fossils to link with our topic work. Mrs Hodsdon