The woods were looking beautiful this morning and we noticed how the leaves are changing colour from green to brown. We discussed why the leaves change colour and die. Arlo said that if the trees have leaves in the winter the snow would be too heavy and snap the branches. Arthur said the wintry winds might damage the trees more if they have lots of leaves. Great reasoning! After warming up with a game of hide and seek we were given a variety of activities to choose from. Most children decided to visit the den making area to work as a team to make a den. The trowels were used to dig and scrape the soil to find roots and rocks. A group played an imaginary game where they could change into different animals and even be invisible. Some children used crayons to make a colourful bark rubbing and others used sticks and string to make objects such as unicorns. We enjoyed our snack and hot chocolate before finishing with a game of find the tree. We could all identify a holly and yew tree before it was time to leave. Mrs Hodsdon