Although it had been a cold and frosty morning in Purley the woods were surprisingly frost free. We took some new trowels with us, so many spent some time digging to discover what was in the ground. Jessica found a whole family of worms and was careful to return them to where she had found them. Julia and Zayneb used the new trowels to dig a circle of earth, which turned out to be quite hard work! Macie found some treasure which turned out to be a huge piece of flint. She persevered until she finally got it out of the ground.

All the children played familiar imaginary games, climbed the trees and used the dens. Belle carefully selected different pieces of wood to design herself a home area which included a TV, remote control, seats and locks. Isaak helped make it and then shared it whilst they continued their game. Best of all, we used the gift of new mugs to enjoy a hot chocolate break…delicious! Mrs Hodsdon