When we arrived at the woodland we discovered there had been visitors! They had drawn a chalk skull and crossbones on the fallen log and made a stone circle which looked like a fire…we think pirates may have come to see our camp! We were also thrilled to find Mrs Carr waiting for us when we arrived. Despite a little drizzling of rain we enjoyed ourselves: Ollie, Zayneb, Kira and Henry climbed the trees and found a very bouncy branch to swing on.

Darcy made a beautiful collection using bark, leaves and feathers. Harry found a collection of snail shells. Isaak and Macie used the chalk to write their names on a log. Jessica used branches to turn into a scarecrow and Belle found an egg shell. Ollie found a branch to help him grate chalk.  Belle and Sienna looked for spiders and some of us used chalk, black card and wool to make spider webs. Mr Adamski helped create a wonderful bug hotel with Layla - we hope some bugs move in by next week! Mrs Carr discussed the birds you might find in the woods and we thought of pigeons, blue tit, robin and woodpeckers. Lastly, we visited a new area with a ball run which was enormous fun, especially as we found that an apple was really good at rolling! Mrs Hodsdon