Luckily the sun was out making it a really pleasant morning in the woods. 

Sydney, Lewis and Jax continued digging in the sandy bank beneath the beech trees which they discovered was a great habitat for tiny millipedes. Lilly-May and Ella used some ribbons to create colourful patterns knotted on sticks which were hung in the shelter as a decoration. 

Arlo and Amelia-Mae used two different areas to act out parts of their favourite film, The Greatest Showman. Annabelle, Arlo, Amelia-May and Theo enjoyed taking turns to swing of the bendy branches of the climbing tree. 

The throne, made from a tree trunk, became a key part of imaginary play for Arthur, Oscar, Ayman and Brandon. 

Although the sun was out, the hot chocolate was very welcome - especially for warming our hands! Mrs Hodsdon