Last week’s rain meant lots of the logs were very damp and Freya, Phoebe Tovey and Poppy used sticks and fingers to examine the soft, spongy texture of the wood.

They also watched a wasp gathering wood pulp for its nest. Esme, Margaux, Cora and Phoebe Tigwell examined a range of insects with magnifying glasses and checked in the information books to see what they were called. Harry, Harry, Jacob and Zara made a dam on the ball run and watched to see what happened to the ball as it ran down the pipe. They altered the dam by adding leaves and twigs to see if anything changed. Phoebe Tovey gave her friends instructions on how to exercise with sticks. “Twenty seconds with your stick in front, 30 seconds with it behind you, and 10 seconds holding it up in the air.” 

Meanwhile Samuel and Casey used a range of sticks to hit different trees and branches, listening to the different sounds they made. The morning seemed to pass so quickly!

Although it was a beautiful, sunny morning, it was still a bit chilly and damp in the shade of the trees so we ask that children bring a waterproof jacket and wellies each week. Too many layers are better than too few! We would also ask that all children bring their plastic water bottles to the woods, as exploring can be thirsty work. 
Mrs Burton