As it was a chilly morning we began our session with a walk. We were looking and listening for signs of animals. We went up a muddy, slippery hill and then found an area where we think badgers might live - we could see two holes which looked like burrows. We identified fern plants and blackberry bushes, oak trees and fungi. We stopped half way to have a rest on a log that had been made into a seat. After we returned from the walk, we spent time digging, climbing, balancing and exploring.

Ollie, Lukas and Mason used the trowels to dig for worms. Julia and Zayneb used logs and sticks to play making hot chocolate; Harry stripped bark from branches to make camouflage; Belle continued to create a cosy home; Ciara played being a snow leopard and Jessica played being a puppy - both were very good at balancing on the fallen logs; Isaak, Macie, Sienna and Henry had a fun time using the larger ball run area and Layla and Darcy showed how good they are at balancing on logs. It didn’t seem long before we before we had to stop for a welcome hot chocolate. Our time went very quickly and we all had a fun start to the week! Mrs Hodsdon