The children enjoyed a warm and sunny morning in the woods this week.  As always, they found ways to challenge themselves by balancing along the tree trunks and climbing safely. Some children explored a different ball run, and a group of children decided to build a den for a family of dogs, thinking about the size of the branches they would need and how to position them safely. The children recorded their activities using the new Kidizoom cameras kindly donated by FOPS. Ayman creatively found a way of using the flash on the camera to see into a dark hole at the base of a tree.

Please ensure your child is appropriately dressed for woodland and that they bring a water bottle.  It takes up valuable time we could be learning in the woods when we have to hunt around school for spare long trousers, wellies that might fit and waterproof jackets. It is cooler under the tree canopy. Water bottles are needed now that the weather is warmer!  Thank you. Mrs Burton