The weather was perfect today for our Woodland adventures. As we sat on our base log we could hear the call of many birds and Mason identified a crow, Darcy knew the kite’s call and we could hear the robin too.  The woodland leaves had fallen and many of us set out to create paths by sweeping the leaves. We used leaves and a paper plate to make a basket using the most interesting leaves.

Zayneb and Mrs Carr worked to identify the leaves and match them to the trees. Harry was helped to make a pirate ship, stacking and tying the logs together to make the hull and using a hollowed out log as a canon with sweet chestnut cannonballs. We all had a turn visiting the ship. We created a shelter using the tarpaulin and ropes and used it as a base for our exciting imaginary games. Zayneb and Darcy particularly enjoyed hanging around in the trees and showed that they were aware of how to keep safe whilst climbing in the trees. Mrs Hodsdon