Today the children voted to stay at the camp and we began by sitting quietly to listen to the birdsong. Arthur recognised the cooing of a pigeon which some of us thought was an owl so we discussed nocturnal animals. 

The children had a very imaginative and creative time: many chose to make dens, use the ball run, balance on the logs or climb trees. Annabelle and Amelia made an excellent map using pine cones, feathers and logs. Ella and Lilly-May used the coloured wool to make a rope and unicorn hair. Oscar and Arlo played a game trying to get the wooden sword out of the logs. Daniel and Ayman created a fun climbing game using a log and rope. Lewis and Sydney worked with great perseverance to make a den using blankets, tarpaulin and string. Most of the children spent time playing with the ball run and climbing the trees, taking turns and helping one another out. There was great cooperation and behaviour all round. Next week some of us would like to do some digging so we will be packing the trowels! Mrs Hodsdon