Our return to the Woodland was great fun. We were lucky to see the sun and get a visit from a brave robin who watched us eat our snack pears. We wondered if robins like pears so we investigated. We sat really quietly and he did return, but he didn’t eat the pear!

Most of us thought of pirate themed activities: Henry found a piece of chalk and used it to mark an X to show where the treasure was. Darcy, Isaak and Zayneb practised their balancing skills walking the plank. Jessica, Lukas, Ciara and Ollie split into two groups to play pirates with two separate ships. Mason enjoyed being a very loud captain, carrying a cutlass to keep order. Belle was busy finding treasure in a sandy, stony bank beneath the beech tree and Layla created a kitchen with wooden knives and bark plates, fern meatballs and old bark to chop. It was a brilliant start to the year! Mrs Hodsdon