We began our return to the Woodland by thinking about the animals that have been living there over the winter. We thought about the food and shelter they need to survive. We pretended to be squirrels and went to hide our acorns. We had to remember where we put them as we were to collect them at the end of the session. 

Next we worked in pairs or alone to make a shelter for an animal. Ciara and Jessica made exciting homes for squirrels which included a swinging bed and a place to climb. Mason, Ollie, Lukas, Zayneb, Sienna and Julia used a trowel to dig a den for a badger. 

It was hard work even with a trowel and we thought about how sharp and powerful badger claws must be. Henry and Harry found a small hole in the bottom of the tree trunk and used it to create a home for a mouse. 

Isaak, Macie and Layla found tree roots and they thought about why they are useful. Layla explained that plants need sunlight and water to grow. We talked about how roots help trees to stay upright. We visited all of the animal shelters and agreed that some animals may move in by next week! After some warming hot chocolate we chose how to play, making bows and exploring the area. We finished by gathering our acorns, most of which were found! Mrs Hodsdon