As this was our last visit, Mrs Burton came with us so we could share all the things we have been doing in our Woodland Adventures. First, we showed how we get organised and how we help take all the equipment onto the minibus - we surprised her because we don't travel light! We have a lot of new equipment including a broom, rake, trowels, shelter building equipment and most importantly the new set of mugs and flask for hot chocolate! 
After arriving, we took Mrs Burton for a walk around the woods, visiting the new den making area where all the branches had been moved to. Then we went on the longer walk to see the interesting activities are such as balancing logs, measuring ruler and wooden musical instruments. 
Finally, we returned back to our regular base. Mrs Burton enjoyed watching us play hide and seek - noting how sensible we were to stay within the boundaries and not to tell where other children were hiding! We showed her the area where we like to dig for chalk, where we like to sit and make objects using things we have found, the best tree for climbing and the best place for building a den. 
We had our last hot chocolate sitting on our log feeling a bit sad that our Woodland adventures have come to an end - but excited for the Hedgehogs who will be returning after Easter. Mrs Hodsdon