Today the woods were looking very bare with few leaves left on the deciduous trees. The children spotted evergreen and deciduous trees - quiz them on their knowledge! Later Jax, Arthur, Daniel and Oscar enjoyed climbing the trees. Arlo and Oscar used chosen tools to dig in the ground and saw into the dead logs to make homes for mini-beasts. Continuing from our Anti-bullying week, some of us wrote a happy note for other children to find. Lilly-May, Brandon and Ella were brilliant at writing these.

Jax, Annabelle, Theo and Amelia played as a team on the ball run - learning how to fix it when bits fell off! Sydney and Lewis took photos using the kiddi-cameras - trying to spot deciduous and evergreen trees. A big thank you to our adult helpers today, Mrs Smith and Mrs Hogg, for keeping us safe and making sure we had a really fun morning! Mrs Hodsdon